Jim and John lived in the same neighborhood. Both of them were technical writers.

Jim was excellent in his job and was making great career progress. He was working on the most changing projects, and he was learning.

John was also a great technical writer. But did not care to advance his job. He preferred spending his time playing basket with his friends after work.

Several years later...

Jim and John both bought a car. But somehow there seemed to be a difference now.

Jim got a new BMW.

John also bought a BMW... an old one.

John was wondering: "We are both technical writers?! How can Jim be making more then me?! What''s the secret?!".

Jim knew the secret - that even in the same job family the difference in salary can be SEVERAL TIMES!

Here is what Glassdoor has to say about that:

That there are technical writers at the bottom of the salary bracket that make less that $43K... and there are project manager technical writers who make $75K!

So, is project management a skill to add to YOUR inventory as a technical writer?

If you ask me: yes, it is a must!