This month is special!

JPDocu School of Technical Writing has just become an official partner of TCTrainNet - the organization that provides one of the best-recognized international certification training and certification exam for Professional Technical Communicators (that is, for technical writers).

I am just back from the world's largest conference on technical communications - TC WORLD 2019, where I delivered several workshops on information architecture, taxonomies, and graphics! More than 100 new students attended my workshops and the feedback was extremely positive. It was great!

What would be the best way to share all these positive emotions and energy with you?

What better way than to give you (or your friends!) a crazy good deal on the courses you love!

1. (Most Wanted!) How to Write Software Documentation

Learn a proven strategy for writing software docu in GitHub wiki based on the 12 main principles of technical writing!

179.99$ -> 13.99$

2. (The beginner level course) A Quick Start to Technical Writing with DITA:

Get started writing in DITA XML in less than 2 hours! As simple as possible to get you ready ASAP!

39.99$ -> 13.99$

3. (The advanced level course) (Best Seller!) How to Write Using DITA XML:

Deep dive into the world of technical writing with DITA XML! Based on a complete university semester on writing in DITA!

199.99$ -> 13.99$

4. How to Plan the Documentation Development:

Apply the principles of project management to deliver successful software documentation projects! Based on the Project Management Institute (PMI) frameworks for project management!

74.99$ ->13.99$

5. (As known from conferences Evolution of Technical Communications (ETC) '18 and TC World '18,'19) Technical Writing: How to Define Information Architecture:

Learn 3 proven by practice strategies for developing product taxonomies! Learn Cards Sorting techniques to validate your documentation page design! The most critical course for you to get ahead in your career and get started with not only technical writing but also information architecture!

149.99$ -> 13.99$

6. (As known from conferences Evolution of Technical Communications (ETC) '19 and TC World '19) How to Make Graphics For Software Documentation (N.B. already part of the How to Write Software Documentation course):

Supercharge your documentation with amazing instructional images and graphics created with ease! Basic rules for creating graphics that make it so easy to visualize information!

34.99$ -> 13.99$

Get any of the JPDocu School of Technical Writing courses for 13.99$ only

"Learning technical writing is easy - after all, it's just plain docu!"

P.S. Is your company looking to support you in getting certified as a technical writer? Or to purchase access to the technical writing courses for the employees?

If yes, contact us directly and ask for your special offer!