Here you will find 4 common mistakes that I find in the work of technical writers, who create instructional videos for the first time.

Use an introduction with no audio

Use the intro with audio to allow the users to adjust the audio volume before the actual instruction. With a silent intro, I have just turned my volume to the max - and then the voice suddenly starts - not a nice experience for the ears of the user :).

Stop playing with the mouse

Unlike a webinar or a live video call, you must avoid moving the mouse pointer around when using a video. The user has the feeling you are about to show or do something, while it's just normal movement around the screen. It can be very distracting to the user.

Use highlight animations instead.

Forgotten objects after recording

You may forget to remove something from the screen - for example, you did not want to use the camera but you have recorded it anyway. Without wanting it on the screen, you leave it in the video.

In this case, it’s better to clear this up, and then re-create the final video.

Feeling sorry for making it short

Your goal is to make your video short. That's a good thing.

As a technical writer, who loves to go into the details, it’s hard to suppress that feeling that you should add more information. But in a video, you want to keep it simple and short. Focus on being short, not on providing more details.