Being a member of the JPDocu School of technical writing, I feel so proud and happy to share this news with all of you. Our course Technical Writing: How to Write Software Documentation has crossed 1000 students on Udemy this month!

It's been a long journey to develop such a course - aiming to prepare content that is practical and can help a technical writer to understand what is expected in the world of software documentation.

Our latest course version has received great reviews from the students. And so excited to share some of them with you. It adds value to the student's life about software documentation.

Course overview

Technical Writing: How to Write Software Documentation is dedicated to providing students a simple and effective way to write software documents that ease their readers' ease of understanding.

Created by JPDocu School of Technical Writing the instructor, Jordan Stanchev, a User Assistance Development Architect, has personally trained hundreds of people in the classroom, online courses, universities, and internally at a Fortune 500 company.

Technical Writing: How to Write Software Documentation is a 12-hour course divided into nine sections for the student's convenience.

Section 1: Getting Started with Technical Writing

Section 2: Documentation in the Software Development World

Section 3: Writing Software Documentation in GitHub using Markdown

Section 4: Style Guide in Technical Writing (or Standards and Guidelines for Writing Docu)

Section 5: Introduction to Structured Writing

Section 6: The 12 Principles of Technical Writing

Section 7: Software Documentation Development using DITA XML in Oxygen Author

Section 8: Using Graphics and Images in Software Documentation

Section 9: Strategies and Information Architecture

Check out our course on Technical Writing: How to Write Software Documentation and use it to develop your portfolio and samples of work that you need to apply as a technical writer in a software development company.

Sumeet Rana is an engineering student and a freelancer on Upwork.

As part of JPDocu School of Technical Writing, he shares his passion and experiences providing writing services, website design, and website management. Feel free to reach out to him via Upwork.