As you know, our goal is to deliver the best possible modern technical writing courses. We have just published a new course on writing using DITA XML.

This time, I will dive into a subject that I did not cover in full details in my How to Write Using DITA XML bestseller course.

There are various ways in which you can reuse content in DITA - reuse via push and reuse via pull of content.

Inspired by your interest in the recently released course Common DITA XML Map and Topic Elements, we decided to encourage you to keep on learning!

In exchange for your fair and honest feedback, I provide a FREE access code to the new course on reuse today:


This is what I discuss in details in this brand NEW course:

How to Reuse Content in DITA XML

And yes, you can share it with anyone who you think may benefit from it too.

Thank you one more time for learning technical writing using DITA XML with us!

Kind regards, Jordan

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