Would you like to know my strategy for creating software documentation? It is so simple! I follows several basic principles:

Principle #1: Decide whom are your writing for!

Principle #2: Decide on the information needs of your user

Principle #3: Decide on the way you are going to address your user - which S&Gs to apply

Principle #4: Decide on the deliverable to create

Principle #5: Decide on the tool you will use to create your content

Principle #6: Decide on the structure of your content

Principle #7: Decide on the information channel you are going to use

Principle #8: Write the docu

Principle #9: Use images and videos as appropriate

Principle #10: Publish your first version

Principle #11: Collect input and improve the content

Principle #12: Repeat

A couple of days ago with my students we've finished an important part of the technical writer's training - on creating info graphics in software documentation. The task I have given them was very simple: to take a procedure and visualize it using an info graphics.

Those of you who have worked with me already, know that I always love working smarter than working harder strategies. If you can do something once and use it several times - what can be better, right?

That is why, I decided to give them a chance to recap on everything we have been studying on in the course so far. I gave them to create an info graphic on the principles of technical writing! I cannot think of a better way to make sure they will remember the steps to follow when creating software documentation :).

So, I picked up my sleeves and showed them some tools that come with a set of cool templates to use.

I was not hoping to see too much, but the final results... Well, what can I say - they look great and I am so proud of their achievement!

Here are some samples of their work:

1. Principles of Technical Writing - Presiana

2. Principles of Technical Writing - Zhenya

3. Principles of Technical Writing - Nikolay

4. Principles of Technical Writing - Karina

5. Principles of Technical Writing - Radostina

6. Principles of Technical Writing - Svetoslav

7. Principles of Technical Writing - Rumiana

8. Principles of Technical Writing - George

Click on the following link to watch a recording of the webinar that explains these principles: