How to purchase the ticket from the bus driver in Sofia, Bulgaria?

To use public transportation in Sofia, Bulgaria, you need to purchase a single-person ticket. This ticket costs 1.60 BGN. You buy it from the driver.

If you carry a larger bag or you have a dog or a bike with you, in addition, you must purchase an additional ticket (again 1.60 BGN) for it too.

If you have together with you a child younger than 6 years - they travel free of charge – no need to purchase a ticket for them.


  1. Prepare the money before you get on the bus.
  2. Get on the bus from the front door.
  3. Ask the driver for a ticket, by saying: “Bilet, molia!”.
  4. Give the money to the driver.
  5. Wait for the driver to give you the ticket.
  6. Find the special puncher device and use it to punch the ticket.
    Note: If you do not do that, you may pay a significant fine, in case you are being checked by the authorities! It is not sufficient only to purchase the ticket.