Working with Images

Working with Images

Are images and graphics important? Actually, a well done figure and a graphic is priceless! People tend to understand what you have to say much, much easier when you explain your through in a graphical manner. 

Castelhano and Henderson’s Perception of Scene Gist

"As humans, we have the ability to gather context based on what we see. When we fix our eyes on something, we have the ability to form an understanding of the environment and recognize the meaning of a scene."

As people dealing with technical communications, it is very important that you understand and use graphics in your software documentation. This will ease the consumption of the information for your customers.

But are all images and graphics equal? Which type of graphic should you use?

Let’s take a look at the various types of graphics you can use for creating high quality software documentation. 

Allow me to start with the most obvious one: screenshot. the easiest thing to do is to capture your screen and show your user what you are talking about.

If you want to show your user how to do a simple procedure you can use an animated gif file.

How about if you need to explain complicated processes that are related or sequence of complicated steps? To help comes the diagramming tools of the business analysts - take a look at a cool free online tools for drawing processes online. For example, I personally use

If you need to draw an architectural landscape or a set of steps, I use Microsoft PowerPoint. Pay attention to the smart art functionality - it allows you to create a great graphic from a template. Of course, if you do not have PowerPoint available, a free of charge alternative is Google Slides. 

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